Kerala Nutrition Research Centre shall serve as an apex body for technical assistance, dissemination and functioning as a Centre of Excellence for facilitating all issues concerning implementation, supervision and monitoring of Nutrition/ Health related schemes regarding women and children. The centre shall cater to life cycle assessment and nutrition assessment (Maternal, Young Child and Adolescent Nutrition, Infant and Young Child Feeding, Community Nutrition, Micronutrients), gender and child care, early learning, communication (social mobilisation and advocacy), nutrition surveillance, monitoring and evaluation.

It shall have experts in the areas of Nutrition and shall involve different professionals, institutions, voluntary agencies that would assist in developing strategies and capacity- building activities. The centre would draw up on resources from and link with NIFTEM to respond to requests from various districts in Kerala for technical support in planning and implementation of the programmes of WCD. Besides facilitating programme implementation, it would also improve resource institutions to promote capacity building and development. In light of the Malnutrition status among children and women in Kerala, there is an utmost need to set up a centre that can facilitate in improving the nutritional status throughout the life span of women and children.

Vision: To ensure optimal nutrition and health for children and women using scientific knowledge and know-how.

Mission: Health, by and large is a matrix of food-intake and the environment one grows in. To begin with; an understanding of the nutrition across demography is important which shall include the current status; the changes by programme implementation and follow up of post programme implementation. Along with aforementioned knowledge, an individual's intake and affecting-environment will help in improvising individual's and community health.